• Meet RadioPixel

    Mobile, wireless LED arrays with smart phone control

  • Powerful Control

    Controlled via either the local button on a unit, or advanced control with

    our app and a Bluetooth Accessory

  • Features

    Our boards pack a lot of features into a small package

    12 Hours

    Long life time for normal usage patterns allows for all day events and extended use

    Fully Arduino Compatible

    These boards emulate an Arduino Uno and can be programmed via a standard 5v or 3.3v TTL serial adapter. Customize and integrate to your heart's content. The software is open source so you have a good starting point to make your project work

    Great Attention Getter

    First and foremost, these will get you noticed. Whether keeping your pub crawl together or showing love for your team, or providing solidarity for your company, a large group with synchronized lighting is hard to miss!

  • FAQ

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    What is supported now

    • Single master operation with unlimited nodes
    • 10 supported patters with nearly infinite variation in color and speed
    • Local master control and optional Bluetooth control

    What do these need to be useful?

    • Like, a lot

    How do I get one?

    I'd recommend making one yourself. The physical design is not great. That said, contact us and we'll sell you a few to play with.